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Hardwood Floor Damage

When you redo your hardwood floors the last thing you want happening is water damage! When this happens, you know who to call! Covina 24/7 Flood Rescue is always available and ready to arrive on site within 30 minutes! We’ll bring a team of certified technicians to your home or business and get started on creating a custom restoration plan.

hardwood floor damageWe Repair, Restore and Refine!
Hardwood floor damage is often the most difficult to correct if too much time has passed, but we will put our best effort forth to save your floors from total ruin. Calling sooner rather than later will save you time and money!

How will you restore my floors?
Restoring hardwood floors isn’t as tough as you may think, but it does require professionals to assess the damage and fully understand how to prevent it in the future. Our certified technicians are trained in multiple areas by the IICRC to repair and then restore hardwood floor damage in your home or business.

We will first remove standing water from your home using cold water extraction; we use large water tanks to store the water while we install submersible vacuums beneath your floors. This allows us to collect the water in the affected areas of your home or business before we begin the drying process. We guarantee cold water extraction to work for your home as we’ve worked for over 10 years with a myriad of residential and commercial properties.

In place drying is just as easy and less intrusive than you might think! Air blowers and vacuums circulate air throughout the affected area(s) to completely dry out those sections. This process is valuable to the entire process because it doesn’t damage your floors and it allows you to enter your home or business.

We sanitize and deodorize the areas affected by water to give your home a fresh clean scent! The humidity in the air dissipates as we use air blowers and vacuums to dry out all the remaining moisture in your home.

Work With The Best!
When your home is underwater, and hardwood floor damage results, Covina 24/7 Flood Rescue is by your side-day or night! We’re on call at all times because water damage never happens at an opportune moment, and we know that all too well. Contact us for a free damage assessment and 30 minute on site arrival to your home or business.

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