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Water Damage

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Some of the most common causes of flood damage occur at the most unexpected time and place. Often broken pipes, kitchen leaks, toilet and bathtub overflow, septic tank explosions and fire sprinkler damage affect commercial and residential properties. Water damage is common in homes and commercial property as weather changes, faulty pipes and simple mistakes can make for complex flood damage problems.


 Black water

What is black water? Contaminated water that highly dangerous and is found after water accumulates  and goes untreated. It builds in flooded basements and causes wet drywall and carpet that is  sometimes irreparable. This type of water causes terrible odors and will nourish bacteria and other  pathogens to invade your home.

We remove standing water from your home or commercial property to avoid further damage to your  assets and to prevent health hazards to you. We will Assess, Extract, Dry and Sanitize all affected areas


Assessment: Our trained technicians assess the damage and arrange a customized plan for your property to extract the cold water from all affected areas. Removing household items and damaged structural materials to ensure a safer environment to remove the cold water

Extraction:Using submersible pumps and vacuums the hoses remove standing water from the home or commercial building in large quantities. This allows for our technicians to go in with an infrared camera and locate concealed water to ensure a full restoration of your property

Drying: High-volume fans and dehumidifiers push concealed moisture pockets out from under floorboards and carpets to avoid permanent damage as much as possible

Sanitization : Highly effective fans and pumps remove leftover water spots to ensure no smell is leftover after restoration is complete

Our technicians are certified and trained by the IICRC and are trained to provide high-quality customer service.

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